my life plan after graduating is:

  1. get an apartment
  2. find a job
  3. buy a dog
  4. figure out how credit cards work
  5. prepare for the great robot wars
  6. fight in the great robot wars

I like it! Even when you have dumpling in your mouth.

You see, I fell in love with Jess the moment she walked through the door.

nicholas miller: almost a lawyer


hey could you hold this for me a second *gives you my hand*


I was taking a shower and I didn’t know I was having a nose bleed so when I looked down I saw a bunch of blood and I thought I was having my period but then i remembered i’m a 16 year old asian boy

Nick Miller through the seasons: 1x20, 2x20 and 3x20



“Is it push or pull” I panic to myself as the doors come closer




My OTP makes me go from “Oh my God, they are so cute" to "SLAM THAT BITCH AGAINST A WALL AND FUCK HIM UNTIL HE BEGS FOR MERCY